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I finally had a while to have a look at my 08 hyundai Sonata yet again. I observed I misplaced some coolant all over again although not near about prior to and I commenced it up during the night and on starting up it up, I certainly do begin to see the white smoke and I do think I am able to scent a kind of sweet odor within the exhaust pipe also. … Read More

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A radiator productively retains the automobile's engine neat, which in turn assists reduce it from overheating. Radiators generally comprise a different inside heat ...If a leaking head gasket triggered overheating or high coolant force, then what might have blown/cracked first - the radiator or perhaps the radiator hose and cap?Konvektoren sind e… Read More

If it’s empty, otherwise you aren’t certain what you are observing, let your motor amazing wholly and seem inside the radiator.Only for speedy reference, brake fluid colour is clear to amber, and smells like fish oil; if you doubt me, take the cap from the brake fluid reservoir and sniff the cap.@lilpoppy1 I applied to possess a PT Cruiser with… Read More